We Bring
Location to Life™

Revolutionary Experimental Marketing

Transmira is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and engage with their consumers by offering sophisticated and proprietary technology to unleash an endless array of possibilities. We make it easy for brands, businesses, and content creators to monetize metaverse technologies, ranging from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality.

Transmira goes beyond novelty experiences and simple games to excite and captivate consumers with amazing experiences that enhance brand prestige, extend brand reach, and multiply sales and transactions.

The only limit is the imagination.



We are constantly adding new features to power your spatial and engagement marketing campaigns.
We bring the best tools and technologies together so you don’t have to.

Branded Virtual Goods

Although there are non-physical goods, Branded Virtual Goods exist in the digital sphere and can be purchased for use in both online communities and games. Branded Virtual Goods have the capacity to revolutionize the digital monetary world.

AI-Driven Holograms

Transmira is at the forefront of holographic media by using artificial intelligence to design holograms. Holographic technology is radically transforming the future of experiential marketing. 


To create the engagement and motivation similar to what consumers experience when playing traditional games, Transmira is a leader in the world of Gamification. Gamification uses the principles of gaming reward systems to enhance and reimagine basic activities, organizations, and services.


Location is everything and Transmira is using a blend of augmented reality and virtual reality to create new, location-specific technology to monetize cyber-space; from the ground up.

Dashboard Analytics

Passion, imagination, and most importantly data is the driving force behind every design created by Transmira. Our comprehensive analytics system allows customers to make the most effective decisions to further their business and maximize profits.

Campaign Management Tool

The full scale Campaign Management Tool by Transmira brings strategy across all digital marketing campaigns and provides customer engagement and brand empowerment to further improve a company’s conversion rate.

Android + iOS

Transmira is compatible with multiple platforms including all Android and iOS accessories. Augmented and virtual reality is only one click away from your smart phone, tablet, or other device.


Transmira is a technocentric company limited only by the geography of the imagination and is proud to offer virtual services in the unique language of the customer.



Get the greatest technology Transmira has to offer at the palm of your hand, with the Omniscape App. From monetizing things you never thought were possible, to multi-touch engagement and worldwide geolocation, this app is essential to target specific customers and drive foot traffic and transactions.

Omniscape technology is data driven with blockchain integration to knock down the barriers of traditional monetization. Offering a fully dimensional scope of business, the Omniscape App is making the seemingly impossible possible. Holographic technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are just a drop in the bucket of what Transmira has to offer and will undoubtedly leave customers with a lasting impression.


Demo available, launching Summer 2021